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Your Social Gathering Place...

Featuring traditional Irish/American fare, New Celtic cuisine and plenty of Irish ale and whiskey – Meaghers Irish Pub at Charles Pointe.


The pub – short for “public house” – a fundamental establishment in Irish culture and the focal point of many small towns – is owned by Tim and Jade Meagher.


“We felt there was a need for more dining options – a place where people can go out and enjoy great conversation, food and a drink with friends – and what better place than a Irish Pub” – Tim Meagher


“My father's family (the Meaghers) immigrated to America in the mid-1800s from a town called Nenagh in County Tipperarey”. “My mothers side (the Gilroys) immigrated during the same period from the Northern part of Ireland.”


According to his ancestral culture, Irish pubs have traditionally been the gathering places for family and friends.


“And that’s what we are trying to create here in Bridgeport – ‘Your Social Gathering Place’,” “We definitely want people to feel comfortable bringing the whole family, kids included.”


An original idea and design by Tim and Jade Meagher, occupies 5,123 square feet located at Charles Pointe.

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